martedì 4 agosto 2009

Fluydo - 7 Full Moon - 06 [Song of the day]

7 Full Moon - 06 is a trip-hop psychedelic song by Fluydo.

They used to release one new track every full moon. This song sounds like Portishead, and some of the less ermetic moments of Tricky's production.

domenica 2 agosto 2009

Circa Vitae - Shine [Song of the day]

Shine is a post-grunge song by Circa Vitae.

It is really tricky to define the genre it belongs to. IMHO it sounds like Smashing Pumpkins' most epic moments (like Thru the eyes of ruby) mixed in some passages with a sort of brit indie-rock (like late Smashing Pumpkins themselves, e.g. The Everlasting Gaze). Furthermore, given that My Bloody Valentine were one of the main inspirations for Corgan's band, some shoegaze echoes in the chorus could be heard.