martedì 10 novembre 2009

Confusion Is Next - The Generation Of This Order [Album of the day]

Confusion Is Next is a band that play an original mixture of hardcore, post-grunge, noise and punk.

The monicker is clearly inspired by Sonic Youth's first album. But their music sounds more like Husker Du, and Nirvana most psychedelic moments.

In this album we find even some songs that recall some new-metal (Tool, System of a down) moods.

I suggest this band to all those people that love stoner-like distorted guitars, breaked of sometimes by calm, jazzy inserts that recall Sonic Youth's late productions.


2009.11.13 - Anonymous suggests that in some moments the singer sounds like Bush's.

martedì 3 novembre 2009

Amity in Fame - Amity in Fame - Dinner for One [Album of the day]

Dinner for One is an album from Amity in Fame. This product is well recorded, the sound is very clean, and all the production sounds very professional. Dinner for One's music is similar first of all to the mood of Amorphis' "Elegy". The dark, folkish atmosphere is built, in Amity in Fame music, by a dark acoustic guitar and the impenetrable pact battery-bass. The male voice (sometimes completed by a female choir) is something between Tool's and Soundgarden's. The ethereal ann psychedelic touch in some moments recalls Porcupine Tree's darkest moments too.
Dinner for One is made by cryptic, martial songs and it enters the top chart of Jamendo's gothic-folk albums

lunedì 2 novembre 2009

Blue Haired Girl - Uterus [Song of the day]

We had already talked about Blue Haired Girl. This band is similar to Tortoise, Dirty Three, June of 44. The song I want to suggest, today, is built over an acoustic guitar riff and a lazy, lo-fi recorded speech. The xilophone that run after the melody add a bit of a magic mood.


domenica 1 novembre 2009

unanoraked in vladivostok - unanoraked in vladivostok

Unanoraked in Vladivostok play a minimal, ambient music made of guitar and bass drones, dark moods and sudden changes from low, acoustic to high, electric tones.

They are similar, for example, to Godspeed You! Black Emperor.